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Invictas First Podcast

Invicta did its first official podcast this week! During the podcast we spoke about many things, below im going to give you a small overview of what we talked about. First of all who founded Invicta? Invicta was founded by Blitziin, BonnieRose, Rickityraou and SwitchSaber. We are a small group of friends, gamers and content creators. After many years of each of our own experiences we want to try our own journey into a streaming community. Each Founder spoke on their experiences and what brought them to the decision of wanting to start their own content creation team. Many people are asking what is Invicta? Invicta is a content creation team on Twitch right now. We wanted to make this team to help others learn how to properly network, to advance their streams to the next level, but mostly to be able to meet other like minded individuals who have the same stream goals as them. We spoke about what we expect from our content creators and what we expect to be able to give our content creators. Invicta strongly believes that content creation and growth is never about just the metrics of a persons stream. We believe that it is important to have quality content and a schedule most of all. Everyone we bring into the Invicta family will be chosen based on their content and never by their metrics. We at Invicta want content creators that strive to be the best versions of themself. Next we talked about the games coming up and what we as players: gamers thought about them. Lastly we spoke on the topic of lans being cancelled during the Corona pandimic. We spoke about how the stay at home orders have effected each of us individually. If you missed the podcast dont worry, you can still catch the recorded video here. On the next podcast which is scheduled for April 25, 2020 we will discuss content creations do's and dont's. We hope to see you all there and can't wait to answer any questions you all might have.

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