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Lets talk Networking!

How is Twitter, Instagram and Discord affecting your streams? 

You might think that the sites listed above have no relation to streaming or content creation. No matter the platform you use (Twitch, Dlive, YouTube, Tiktok, etc.) social media can play a large part in helping to grow your channel.    

    In our last blog we talked about how to use Twitter to help you reach a larger audience. But what is the difference in posting  "go live" on Twitter, Instagram or Discord? Let's explore a little bit below.

Twitter   -    Advertising my content with a small introduction to me.

Instagram -     Advertising me with a small introduction to my content.

Discord   -     Advertising me and my content while getting to know the community I am building.

    Twitter is your go to for introducing your content/channel while letting people get to know a little more about the person behind the camera. Twitter is going to be your "check me out other content creators" platform. When you first start streaming everyone will tell you to start NETWORKING via Twitter. But what does that even mean? You will make a Twitter; follow a ton of streamers and they will even follow you in return. Then you find yourself in what I like to call Streamer Hell. All of the feed is other people promoting their content. But you're networking so why aren't you growing? You have to capture the audience. Yes, the Twitter audience! Make your post unique in the sections you are able to add a little bit about yourself. (going live here's my twitch link is not enough) Everyone has the same going live tweet. Make yours individual to you. Use a layout and follow it. Instead of allowing your Twitch link to be your photo or introduction replace it with a funny gif that matches what you will be doing on stream, people love comedy. You can still have the twitch link there and pull an audience in from your photo or gif. What's important is the interactions you receive off your tweets.

Instagram is your go to for promoting yourself. With Instagram you cannot make a post without a photo or video clip. This means people are literally forced to see you. Make the photo count! Instagram is your easy outlet to letting people see who you are outside of streaming. People love to connect with others. (example: woah he wears socks I also wear socks, that's insane!) The smallest thing could be what connects you with someone new or keeps your current following engaged. Instagram allows people to know the physical you. They get to see a side of you they wouldn't normally see on stream or on Twitter. It's important to use this platform to engage on a more personal level. This is your ticket to networking outside of "Streamer Hell". Making a schedule to post on Instagram can majorly help your following just by being consistent. Make sure to post any and everything! Ate something good? Show them. Saw a cool turtle at the park? Let us see it! Did you frag out in COD yesterday? Prove it!

Discord is a little more intense but can help you grow immensely if used properly. (but you have to talk to people gross, I know) While Twitter is going to be where you put out your text “get to know me”, Instagram is your photo “get to know me”. Discord is going to be an all in one more intense version of these. The big difference is no one randomly scrolls into your discord. You have to invite people in and they have to want to have a reason to join. Most gamers and content creators hate discord interactions for the purpose that everyone posts "@EVERYONE GOING LIVE NOW" and no one wants that tag! (seriously no one) While your discord is your place to promote yourself it's also your one place to get intimate with your viewers. (no not like that you perv) Discord is the most popular communication platform right now for streaming and gaming. With it being so widely used it can help you grow your channel. You just have to use it properly... so what does that mean?

Tips for Discord:

1. Make sure to keep the channels light. Add in channels as your community grows to meet the needs of the community. 

    - No one wants to navigate 100 discord channels to find you and what you're doing.

        - Set up *here is an example starting of new discord*


            -Going Live

            -general chat

            -related chat for current games (if variety streamer or hosting servers)

            -Clips channel

            -social media booster (allow others to share their social media and twitch pages here)

            -help chat (give people a place to go for help be it tech or stream etc.)

            -live chat channels 

2. Turn off @here and @everyone instantly. Only use these for your personal announcements. (in an announcement channel) 

    - Having @here and @everyone active will cause people to mute your server.

    - Having @here and @everyone active will also cause people to leave your server.

3. Make your discord a place people feel safe to share and promote themselves. (with in the right channels)

    - mental health is so important for yourself and others. Make sure your discord is a place people feel 

    comfortable to be in. 

    Overall Discord is place for you to grow a community and make a personal connection. Your Discord says "here I am meet me and mingle" Discord isn't just voice calls and video chats, it's so much more. By using your discord before and after streams it allows you to get to know your audience. What do they like? What do they dislike? Use that information to get to know them personally and connect. This will also give you a better opportunity to see what people want from your channel or brand. It's important to also not be active on discord during your streams. This sets the example. "during streams you can talk to me in my chat, however I will be available for 30 minutes in discord after stream" Make sure to set a time each day to be active in your discord, or a few times a day if possible. Making that daily interaction and connection can be what sets you apart from other content creators.

Now that's personal networking and growth right... but am I networking? No. You still need to join other discords and meet new people. Make connections with other communities. Setting aside time to go into other discords throughout the week just to check in on others will not only make you feel great but it will also allow you to meet new people to those communities. And in turn new people are meeting you, your brand and now you're networking!

    While it's important to know these things and try to do as many as possible we all lack in one way or the other. Burn out is real. A schedule is so important but what's most important is your mental health. Don't drive yourself insane trying to reach too many goals. A good rule is to start streaming 2- 3 days max. Set aside another 2 days for networking, working on your channel's graphics etc., and to edit vods. Then set aside 2 days that you use to recuperate. Rest is key to continued streaming.

Finally... Remember that all growth is growth. Even if its 1 average viewer more than usual, that is 1 more than usual. Celebrate it!

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27. 5. 2020

Good read and great points. Take these seriously and audit what you have. Come up with personal ideas and profit. Sigh, I'm gonna need to be more active on insta.

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